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The "What sound does this character make" questions should not play the sound automatically.

When the "What sound does this character make" questions play the sound automatically, I find myself often just selecting the sound I hear and not really paying attention to the character, which defeats the purpose of the question. It should only play the sound when you press the sound button.

March 22, 2018



Agreed for the times they come up after a character has first been introduced. I do lessons with the speaker switched off in settings. That stops the auto-play, but you can still hear most things by clicking the appropriate buttons (or Ctrl Space).


I didn't know you could turn the speaker off, but now most of the lesson is eerily silent. I wish you could customize it per question because I really want to hear the words said a lot of the time so I can work on audible recognition and pronunciation.


Or at least use similar sounding options. I just had 院 (yuan2), my options were shou3 and xi3. They could at least pair it with yuan1 and yuan4, or jian2 and yan2. x)

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