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Please bring back progress quizzes! :)

Please bring back progress quizzes! :)

March 22, 2018



There is a workaround in this comment

Edit 2018-03-25

Unfortunately, it seems that the workaround does not work anymore.


Oh, that would be great! But what button in the "top right" does the user mean? "computer" is my worst language....


Hi! i arrived at the point where you buy the tests and Duo asks you if you want to start it: i press that I want and then.....nothing happens...I have only 25 lingots less!!XD Can you help me? Thanks!


Same thing happened to me! :( If anyone gets it to work please let everyone know! I'm sorry about that.


The progress quiz is the thing I miss the most on Duolingo. I was proud of my quiz scores even if my scores fluctuated. Hopefully one day it will come back.


Yes! I miss them :(


They said they wanted more popular items and never added them. Popular items or nothing, just no useful ones.


God is here, he is speaking all languages... o.O


Yes! I miss them! So much! I need them!


No, the quizzes were crap. They didn't even really mean anything. If you want to test your skills, go practice with all those official language CEFR tests.


I always thought Duo would get a lot of great content if they had sponsored tests set out by IB, DELF, STAMP etc. paid with real money of course. For many people it would turn this site from a fun hobby to tangibly fulfilling a life goal, new career opportunities or more.


Well if you compare them with official exams maybe, but I was using them as a way to check my progress, see how effective Duolingo was and see how well I was doing without the option of hints.


I imagine this might come back in one way or another in the future but if i remember correctly, it was largely tied to the lexeme strength algorithms for measuring your XX% fluency. seeing as that was very flawed an not a step up from the first system in place by very much... this overhaul has been a long time coming.


They were good! But saying that they didn't help me that Much! Besides you can always do the strengthen quiz

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