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"Fijn weekend en tot volgende week!"

Translation:Have a nice weekend and see you next week!

4 months ago


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cann't that be shortend to "Nice weekend .." (just as we say "Good evening! instead of "Have a good evenning").

4 months ago

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In English it sounds weird to just say "Nice weekend!" as a way of wishing someone a nice weekend. "Have a..." is always a part of it, just like you would say "Have a nice day!" or "Have a nice evening!" etc. You can say "Good evening!" or "Good morning!" obviously, just as a way of greeting people. You could also say "Have a nice/good evening" in a situation where you have spent all afternoon with your relatives, and now you're leaving and you want to wish them a good evening. In Dutch on the other hand, you wouldn't say "Heb een fijn weekend!" or "Heb een fijne avond!" because that sounds weird. You could say "Ik wens je een fijn weekend" but most people leave out the "Ik wens je" part.

4 months ago