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"Odejít by směly jen ženy a děti."

Translation:Only women and children would be allowed to leave.

March 22, 2018



"should be allowed to leave" isn't correct?


Not really, that is something like "Odejít by měly smět jen ženy.", "Odejít by měly mít povoleno jen ženy", "Odejít by mělo být povoleno jen ženám.".

Would and should are pretty different.


In another sentence "anyone could leave" and "anyone would be allowed to leave" is accepted.

Here, only "would be allowed" is accepted. Is there a difference or not?


you have to accept that the range of acceptable translations depends on what is being translated. ETA: i did add a few translations.


I don't have "to accept" anything. I learn by working, reading, trying to understand how sentences are built in every language. I try to get the subtle differences in the use of different words. I don't think my question was stupid...

See for example this other person asking exactly the same kind of question when he tries to understand the difference between "kdo z vás" and "který z vás" : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27377939

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