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"Last year I was in sixth grade."

Translation:Vloni jsem byla v šesté třídě.

March 22, 2018



Waht about: "V loňském roce jsem byl v šesté třídě" ?


Yep, you can say this too, it's same


The pronounciation of "v" is wrong. It is not a name of letter, but a word. The pronounciation should be different in this sentence.


You mean pronunciation where exactly? In the sentence? In a word tile? Male or female voice?

If you complain about the word tile - well, you can expect various strange things when you ask a computer to pronounce just "v".


Vím, že bych se měla ptát u opačného překladu. Ale jde říct i Last year I was in sixth class? Děkuji


"Grade," "form," and "year" usually refer to the "year" of school. "Class" usually refers to a teaching session. For example: "I am in sixth grade." vs. "English is my sixth class, at 3:30 in the afternoon."

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