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Is this an error?

One of the sentences I was asked to translate was "luHoH mangpu'". I translated it as "each of the soldiers killed him" and I was marked wrong. How is this wrong?

March 22, 2018



It is correct and I should fix it, but because you have made this a general report and not a report on the specific sentence, I might not be able to find it.. The normal plural of mang is actually negh (there are a few words in Klingon that have these odd singular/plural pairs). When mang is pluralized as mangpu' it has a meaning something more like the "individual soldiers" which is represented well in English as "each soldier". If you see any more errors like this, please report them on the sentence in question.


OK. I found it. "Each of the soldiers killed him" was already being accepted. Is it possible you typed "Each soldier killed him"? Because that does have a different grammar in Klingon and shouldn't be accepted for luHoH mangpu'.

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