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"My suitcase is under the chair."

Translation:Valiza mea este sub scaun.

March 22, 2018



Why ”servieta” is not a valid translation ? I took a suitcase to my job, for example.

  • 1975
  • servietă = briefcase
  • valiză = suitcase

"servietă" and "valiză" are not synonyms - just like in English. The briefcase is smaller and is usually used to carry books, documents, a notebook, etc. to the office and back. The suitcase is used to pack the clothes and all other things needed on a holiday.

A simple search on Google Images will make things clear.


I don't get why 'bagajul meu' doesn't count as an translation...

  • 1975

"bagaj" means the totality of things that you take with you on a journey, including all suitcases, backpacks, bags, etc.

bagaj = luggage


Servieta mea este sub scaun. This should be correct too.

  • 1975

Please see my answer to SebastianB433042.

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