"ghoqwI' lumuHta'."

Translation:They have executed the spy.

March 22, 2018

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Can there be an unintentional execution?


Sure. Maybe you were just threatening to execute him to try to get him to talk, but accidentally actually executed him.


That makes perfect sense; you should be a writer, if you are not.


I put, "They have executed spies." That's right... right?


Unfortunately, that is not a possible interpretation of this sentence. The lu- prefix is only used when the subject is plural ("they") and the object is singular ("him/her/it"). So there can only be one spy executed if using the lu- prefix. To say, "They have executed spies," you would use the null prefix (the absence of a prefix): ghoqwI' muHta'. Note that this sentence could be interpreted as, "They have executed spies," "he/she/it has executed spies," "he/she/it has executed a spy." But, the variation it can't mean is, "they have executed a spy," which must use the lu- prefix.


I put "They executed the spy" It was marked wrong. I think in English my sentence means that the spy was executed in the past and is now dead, so the execution was completed, therefore -ta' would be used in Klingon. I've reported it as an unaccepted correct translation.

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