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I'm keeping faith with the little Owl

I play at Duolingo on three different devices, phone, laptop and pad. Each behaves and scores differently and I like that variety. On the day of the switch over to the Crown system I had 50,580 xp in total. I had been entirely golden with no health loss for months. I had already been looking for other ways to keep from allowing my interest to diminish. I was annoyed for a few minutes but just decided to keep faith with the program. The greater degree of repetition is helpful. I first started Duolingo all by itself. Now I listen to French music, watch French cinema, and practice while driving down the road. I have faith that this process of study will take me past the stopping points that I've encountered before. My last name is Lafrance and I was born on Bastille Day. So becoming proficient in French is a life long ambition for me. My advice to those who are frustrated is to simply keep at it. The new system will become second nature quickly. It was exactly what I needed even if I was not at first aware of that.

March 22, 2018



that sounded very nice. I will do this.


I would recommend trying the HelloTalk app as another element of practice. Chatting & talking with native French speakers can be very helpful!


I certainly will. Thank you for the recommendation.


I am at level 24 in French I can read the language well but I can only speak simple sentences.I think I will have to live in a country for a few months to master the language. I will keep learning anyway.


Je respecte ton esprit! I noticed everybody is talking about the new crown system but mine is still the same which is okay by me. Whatever way if you want to learn you just have to keep on going. Heureux d'étudier!


Thank you. I'm hoping that at least one of my formats keeps the old appearance. But the non specific practice in the new format still gives you the feel of the old tree structure. If yours does change over let us know what you think.


Mine still stays the same today (3/23). I am studying on web site by the way.


Thank you! This is true in so many ways, keeping at it is really very rewarding, and I am so glad your French is becoming such a great pleasure for you!


Are you using the paid version? I don't see the Crowns yet but I'm using the ad-supported version. Duolingo changes things fairly often. Personally I like that b/c it keeps the app & exercises fresh even though not every change is great. Sounds like you're doing all the right things to learn French. I don't have your french cred but still want to learn it & am doing the same things. Definitely supplement Duolingo with other apps. Memrise is one of my other favorites even though I don't necessarily do it daily like Duolingo.


Good morning Lafrance, I just tried to give you Lingot for your post. It didn't work. I have to find out how that works... I have a question: What is the "Crown system"? Looking foreward to your answer and please be careful when you drive & practice at the same time! Thank you for your post! Have a beautiful day


Hello. Thank you very much. The Crown system is a new format for Duolingo. The tree has the same shape but each branch now has many more exercises. I got to the point where I could get through the whole tree in a single day, but this will take months. My practice while driving is usually counting out loud or pointing out things in French as a go. I don't use the device when driving but I appreciate your concern. My guess is that they are phasing in for different formats. For instance, my laptop still shows the old tree, as does my Fire tablet. But the web access on my tablet and the app on my IPhone have already changed over.


Aha! Some of my Lingots dissapeared :-) I think it worked :-)


Merci beaucoup


Merci pour le conseil ! I will keep your advice to heart :)




I keep hearing about this new system but nothing seems to have changed for me. Where can I access it? I normally use a PC and an Android phone for Duolingo. Is it an IOS feature?


I'm sure that it's being implemented in different formats slowly. It showed on the web site accessed by my Fire pad and my Iphone at the same time. However the web access of my laptop and the application on my pad are still in the old style. I haven't found an implementation schedule anywhere.
In some cases, the applications are revamped by developers rather than by Duolingo.

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