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  5. "voqchuq wo'rIv martaq je."

"voqchuq wo'rIv martaq je."

Translation:Worf and Martok trust each other.

March 22, 2018



Does the order of Warf and Martok matter?


Yes, it does.

Keep the order of words or sentences joined with conjunctions such as "and - or - but" when translating between English and Klingon.

wo'rIv martaq je is "Worf and Martok", with "Worf" first and "Martok" second in both languages.

jIqet 'ej jISup is "I run and I jump", with "I run" first and "I jump" second in both languages.


Aw man I put "Martaq" instead of "Martok". Gotta work on memorizing the DIvI' spelling of the tlhIngan names :x


Didnt capitolize martok...got marked incorrect. Meh


The miscapitalisation is unlikely to be the only error; Duo generally ignores capitalisation. (Which is unfortunate for Klingon, where q and Q are different letters.)

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