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"Ela caiu e machucou o joelho."

Translation:She fell and hurt her knee.

April 19, 2014



Aha, now I know how to say what I did last week!


Why is it o joelho instead of seu joelho?


It doesn't really matter if you say "o joelho" or "seu joelho" as long as when you say "seu joelho" you put "o" before: O seu joelho


Actually, it is not necessary to put a definite article before a possessive noun


It's the same thing


Is anyone one here Portuguese and was just curious to try out "learning" your own languange? No? Anyone? I'm alone and a weirdo again?


Why is "she fell down..." is wrong?


Could you say, '...ela caiu e se machucou o joelho...'?


hmmm i dont think so. It sounds a bit unnatural, but im sure the person would still know what you mean!


Não, pode-se entender, mas são esta correto


Shouldn't it read 'a joelho' if it is to refer to 'her knee'?


No. "joelho" is always a masculine word.


Why does it sound like joely?


Why in hell is "she fell and she hurts her knee" wrong?!


Foxxi6, because you have mixed tenses, and Duo's sentence is supposed to be in the past tense.

If you want to say your sentence your way, it would be in the present tense, but you would have to say something like this:

"she falls and she hurts her knee",

but I can't think of anyone who would say it that way. The nearest sentence that would make any sort of sense in the present tense that I can think of, is:

"She is falling, and it looks like she is going to hurt her knee"

but realistically falls usually happen so quickly that they would have already happened before you could say the above sentence.

I hope that I have managed to explain what I mean adequately, and more importantly, correctly!

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