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"The teacher debates with the student."

Translation:Die Lehrerin diskutiert mit dem Schüler.

March 22, 2018



Why is "Der Lehrer diskutiert mit dem Student" wrong?


If you mean that a teacher discusses with a university student (or someone studying at an equivalent institution in tertiary education), then your sentence is correct. If the teacher discusses with someone at school (primary or secondary education level), it is a Schüler.

In addition, the dative sing. form would be Studenten.


Why is it Studenten rather than Student?


for Eng Eng, "student" refers normally to University students. Some secondary schools talk about their students, but a young person is more likely to say "I'm at school" rather than "I'm a student".


a young person is more likely to say "I'm at school" rather than "I'm a student".

That's quite a definitive statement for something I believe to be very dependent on the circumstances.

Although it's been a little while since I was at secondary school, I only remember saying "I'm at school" when I was within the school premises. And if someone would ask my occupation I'd say "I'm a student" long before I'd say "I'm at school".

P.S. Was there a particular reason you replied to this comment of mine? It's just that your comment doesn't seem to have anything to do with "der Student" being a weak masculine noun.


This is incorrect. Singular nouns in the dative have the same form as in the nominativ. Source: Collins Grammar 2016. It is mit dem Student.


Singular nouns in the dative have the same form as in the nominativ.

Unless they are weak masculine nouns. Source: See either of the links in my previous comment.

P.S. In English it's written "nominative", and in German it's "Nominativ".


Duo does accept "Der Lehrer diskutiert mit dem Studenten." What I do not understand is what the rule is for when you add the "en" onto the noun in the dative case.


To quote myself from last year in this discussion:

Because der Student is a weak masculine noun.

Hint: click the hyperlink at weak masculine noun.


Thanks that was useful.


When i click i cant access anymore the link... WHY ?


Are you using a mobile device?


I think you need to read what you are linking. Singular dative nouns have the same form as in the nominativ. It is "mit dem Student".


Duden case table for Student

Example weak masculine noun declension table for Junge

So, what part of the above am I not reading?


Why can't it be a female teacher talking with a female student? Die Lehrerin diskutiert mit die Schülerin


Why can't it be a female teacher talking with a female student?

As far as I'm aware it can be.

Die Lehrerin diskutiert mit die Schülerin

That, however, is wrong because you didn't use the dative after the preposition "mit". Your sentence would need to be:

Die Lehrerin diskutiert mit der Schülerin.


I have heard the word debatten often used on german radio, could it be used in this context?


I have only heard of "Debatten" as the plural of die Debatte (i.e. Debatten = debates), so I imagine you're referring to debattieren, which I believe should be accepted here.


The teacher can be der Lehrer or die Lehrerin. With the student is mit dem Schüler, not mit dem Lehrer!


In reviewing the thread, it looks like you are correcting something no one ever asserted. Did you mean to say something else?


My answer was: "Der Lehrer diskussiert mit dem Schüler". My verb was wrong, but the offered translation was "Die Lehrerin diskutiert mit dem Lehrer", hence my remark about the gender of the teacher and the incorrect use of "mit dem Lehrer" in stead of "mit dem Schüler". I also note that the use "Student" as opposed to "Schüler" is very confusing.

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