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An Esperanto Petition

Below is a petition, with over twelve-thousand signatures, to make Esperanto the official language of the European Union. Though Esperanto probably won't be made the EU's official language, a petition like this may garner a heightened awareness of the Esperanto language. Also, optimistic hopefulness is literally what Esperanto was created on. The petition is in French, but there is a link to an English translation on the page.


March 22, 2018



I mean, Esperanto... yeah, it should be an official language, like it was supposed to be invented for that. Wouldn't it be awesome if a war starts and a new nation in Europe is called Esperanto? (Okay, I should relax, lol. Just signed it!).


I signed it and posted it on my instagram for other people to sign it as well, thanks for sharing


You ment :

... to make Esperanto an official language of the European Union...

French is already an official language of the EU, with 23 others like German, English, Spanish, Greek,...


Yes, I meant to type that. Thanks for pointing that out.


Mi ĵus subskibis, sed... mi ne estas eŭropano sed brazilano

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