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  5. "lojmItDaq Qay' vutwI'."

"lojmItDaq Qay' vutwI'."

Translation:The cook points at the door with his little toe.

March 22, 2018



To me, it feels a lot more natural in English to call the "fifth toe" or "little toe" the "pinky toe".


What is with all these sentences about pointing at things with toes?


Klingons have special constructions for pointing at things with toes. We've been told that that's partially because they have toes nimble enough to do it. And also that these are words that have been understood by the Federation Science Research Council. Which mean that these are words that get used frequently.


I put "The cook pointed her little toe at the door."

Should that be accepted? Have I mixed up the order somehow?


Just a missing variation. It should be available on all platforms soon.

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