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Email notification trouble

I am a computer luddite, so I don't know if it's a Duo problem or Verizon problem, but I check my email to see if people have left me any comments on my stream. Usually a little green box pops up for me to click on that takes me to the activity, but now all my email tells me is that so and so is following you or so and so posted on your stream or so and so replied to your comment and I am unable to access what they have said. When I click on my golden bell, I only get the last 5 things. I am afraid that I am missing communications with people. Is this a Duo thing or should I ask Verizon what is up? Thanks.

April 19, 2014



It's just how the site works now, I think - the bell with the last five things used to be really useful but is now a waste of space, all clogged up with x lingots for y. I think what most of us want to know is 'you have a message from z' but we miss those in amongst all the rubbish. :-(


Yup. I would go to my email and it would let me access all the things that I missed, but now, the email won't even let me see it anymore. AAAHHH! That's me, pulling my hair out.

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