"Říjen není příliš teplý měsíc."

Translation:October is not a very warm month.

March 22, 2018

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I wrote "October is not too warm month", but the correct was "October is not too warm of a month". Is it really correct "of a month"? I have never heard this...


A bit colloquial English, but could also be "October is not too hot of a month" maybe - unless I took the suggested translation too literally.


How about "October isn't too hot a month"?


In this sentence does “příliš” mean “very” or “too (excessively)”. I wrote “October is not an excessively warm month” and it was not accepted. If “příliš” in this sentence simply means “very”, then would “velmi” work just as well here?


Only "too" and "very" are currently accepted on the English side; both příliš and velmi (and some others) are accepted on the Czech side. I'm learning as well, but it seems to me that all of the accepted variants on the Czech side carry the feeling of "a lot," as opposed to something more specific like "excessively" or "overly." I will be happy to add those, however, if the CZ natives on the team feel they would be appropriate here.


October is a not very warm month. The grammatical issue is whether 'not' is qualifying 'is' or 'very warm'. It could be either, therefore both positions should be accepted.


Maybe I'm missing something that you're seeing, but the verb není simply means "is not." If we took away příliš teplý from the sentence just to simplify the grammar, we have "October is not a month." Clearly this isn't true, but it does seem to show that the "negation" not only belongs to, but is part of, the verb. (Just one person's opinion...)


Could "October isn't such a hot month" be accepted as well?


That is different, it compares it to something else. In Czech "není tak teplý měsíc".

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