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  5. "Wie ist deine neue Freundin?"

"Wie ist deine neue Freundin?"

Translation:How is your new girlfriend?

April 19, 2014



This is a bad and misleading translation. I've reported it but I wanted to write it here for any confused learners.

We don't generally use "how" to ask about a description of someone. For that, we use "What ... like?" German uses "wie" for this.

Asking "how" when talking about a person will be assumed to be asking about a person's state of health or how their life is. In German, the most common way to do this is "Wie geht es", followed by the dative case.

Wie ist deine neue Freundin? = What is your new girlfriend like?

How is your new girlfriend? = Wie geht's deiner neuen Freundin?


you are fully right


So "wie ist du" is the same as "wie geht es dir"?


No. It refers to some characteristic of the object (in this case the girlfriend). A possible answer would for example be "She is nice", "She is beautiful". For asking about the state of health only "Wie geht es deiner neuen Freundin" is accurate.

PS "wie ist du" is wrong, it would be "wie bist du" instead (although I can't think of any situation in which you would use that...)


So it should really be translated as "what is your new girlfriend like?"

"How is your new girlfriend?" would only be used to ask after her health in English.


"Wie geht es deiner neuen Freundin?" was marked correct. So, as the meaning is not clear from the English sentence, you can use both the translations :)


Yes, but in the other direction, i.e. when you get the German Wie ist deine neue Freundin?, presumably only one translation (What is your new girlfriend like?) makes sense and should be accepted, and not the other (How is your new girlfriend?).

Is that how it already is currently? I can only speak to the first translation, which I put in, and which was indeed accepted.


No it's accepting "how is your new girlfriend" at the moment. Thanks for your comments which have explained to me the problem with this translation.


Not just health but overall well being.


Yes, maybe that's a better translation.


tfw keine Freundin


How do I know if they are saying "Freunden" or "Freundin"? By the neue?


First of all, they don't sound the same. You can also tell by the fact that "freunden" is dative and here the noun is accusative, and by the "neue" as well. Edit: and, of course, by the "ist" that indicates that the noun is singular


I've learned not to depend on the sound, it can skip and slur words. Somehow I never learned that FreundEN was dative! Thanks that explains a lot of my confusion along the way. And finally, yes, the "ist" was a dead giveaway. That was a very nice explanation. Thank you!


To me it sounded more like Freunde. I had a feeling the grammar was then incorrect, but it really didn't sound like Freundin.


Does freundin mean a friend who is a girl or does it mean specifically a girlfriend?


Normally in German, when there's the possessive it indicates that your dating. I believe if you wanted to be clear that it was simply a female friend you'd ask "wie ist die neue Freundin?"


how would you ask "how is your new friend?" all the translations using freund-- seem to imply a more romantic relationship, am I just forgetting the non-romantic term?

((or am I just socially doomed?))


yikes, DL, we like just broke up, drama mama

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