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"I eat an apple and she eats an apple."

Translation:Ich esse einen Apfel und sie isst einen Apfel.

March 22, 2018



I typed "Ich und sie essen einen Apfel." and this is wrong? Could I get some help pretty please??


    The meaning is the same, obviously. But part of learning 'translating', which is what Duolingo is all about, is keeping the translation as close as possible to the original. This includes keeping the grammatical structure as close as possible without making it sound stranger than the original sentence.


    So my translation was correct then? and thanks! :) lingots!


    Just curious if my translation was correct, aside from the fact that I understood your first response. Just for clarification :P


    Yes, it's correct.

    There's just the minor points that, just like in English, one might wonder if you and she only eat one single apple or an apple each; and for the sake of politeness you shouldn't put yourself first (rather: "Sie und ich essen einen Apfel").


    Thanks SOOO much for clarification and EXTRA pointers mate!! MUCH APPRECIATED! :P Good day, sir!

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