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Hi I need help with my hirigana. I'm new to this stuff. Any suggestions for better learning?

March 22, 2018



I myself have mastered hiragana by learning it on Duolingo and then reading a lot of sentences in this script. But there're other ways to do it as well:

• JapanesePod101 on youtube. Find their channel and open the playlist dedicated to hiragana, there you'll be provided with pronunciation and mnemonics.

en.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/Memorizing_the_Hiragana — an e-book in wiki format, also featuring a printable version. Mnemonics

• Lingodeer. It's an app that can teach you Japanese in general, but its very first lessons cover two kanas. Pretty much the same as Duolingo, but provides stroke orders

realkana.com — this site will let you sharp it. Think of it as the final test.


I feel writing out the Hiragana really helps you learn them. You could even use an app like "Write It!", which I haven't tried for Japanese but found useful for Hebrew. I did it the old fashioned way - pen and paper.

Edit: Wrote the wrong name for the app (see Shooked's reply below)


Agreed. Writing the Japanese characters definitely payed off.

And as Thomas mentioned, apps do help quite a lot. I have an app called "Write It! Japanese" and what this does is that it teaches you the strokes of Hiragana & Katakana.


realy how do you know that?


From experience. I've done it myself.

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