"I drink tangerine juice."

Translation:Eu beau suc de mandarine.

March 22, 2018

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Mandarine is plural, right? Of course, the juice is made from several tangerines, but in almost all languages I know, fruits are used as uncountables in this instance.

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Yes, "mandarine" is the plural of "mandarină".

In Romanian, we sometimes use the plural: suc de mere (apples), pere (pears), piersici (peaches), roșii (tomatoes), portocale (oranges), banane (bananas), morcovi (carrots), castraveți (cucumbers), etc. Other times we use the singular: suc de pepene (melon), dovleac (pumpkin), lămâie (lemon), sfeclă (beet), ceapă (onion), varză (cabbage), etc.

All of the above are countable.

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