"Trinkt ihr euren Kaffee schwarz?"

Translation:Do you drink your coffee black?

March 23, 2018

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Should accept the English translation of "Do you take your coffee black?"


    Added. For reference, please report such things during the lesson - that sends the reports directly to the people who can do something about it. We don't always see every discussion comment :)


    I thought 'Ihr' should be capitalised here? Or is it because the person being referred to is female therefore it's a lower case I?


    ihr meaning 'you' (plural, informal), like in this example, should not be capitalised no. However Ihr/Ihre meaning 'your' (singular or plural, formal) should be capitalised. There are a few translations of ihr to learn, all of these others also don't require capitalisation, e.g: her and their.


    North German pronunciation: "Kaffe" / Southern and Viennese pronunciation: "Kaffeee". As coffee is a loan word from Italian/French the Southern pronunciation is the more correct one.


    I would have thought "do you drink black coffee?" is a more natural translation. I would never say "do you drink your coffee black?". It's hard when you understand the meaning of the German but you have to try and guess what English will be acceptable.

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      I'm curios about this translation because I think the question could be, do you drink plain coffee? That's another way to ask if they do drink black coffee.


      If you are in an interview, required to speak in German. If you need to speak about a new word, about which you have never heard before, or you dont remember its gender, then will you do? You cant even speak!!!

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