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"Trinkt ihr euren Kaffee schwarz?"

Translation:Do you drink your coffee black?

March 23, 2018



I thought 'Ihr' should be capitalised here? Or is it because the person being referred to is female therefore it's a lower case I?


Should accept the English translation of "Do you take your coffee black?"


Added. For reference, please report such things during the lesson - that sends the reports directly to the people who can do something about it. We don't always see every discussion comment :)


I'm curios about this translation because I think the question could be, do you drink plain coffee? That's another way to ask if they do drink black coffee.


North German pronunciation: "Kaffe" / Southern and Viennese pronunciation: "Kaffeee". As coffee is a loan word from Italian/French the Southern pronunciation is the more correct one.

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