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Too many Lingots, too little time.

I have far too many Lingots, anyone want a few?

March 23, 2018



yes want to do the extra sklls thingy


I hope you get enough do so! Also, they aren't very good lessons in French, in my personal opinion, but I don't know about German or English.


search the discussions for "lingot"


just give some to new learners so they have some.

[deactivated user]

    Well I am on a world conquest. I don't know how many lingots it will take but since I haven't taken over yet that means I surely don't have enough. Send me some lingots now and I'll see to it that you're well treated.


    I would suggest to award with your lingots all who start topics, post interesting questions etc. Thank you for being so generous. Sharing is caring :)

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