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  5. "wa'leS chevuv'a'?"

"wa'leS chevuv'a'?"

Translation:Will you respect us tomorrow?

March 23, 2018



I feel there needs to be more explanation in this section as to why it's YOU respect US. The smaller chunks of word progression are confusing in this section, or maybe I missed something?


Did you read the tips and notes for this unit before starting it?

If you're on the crowns section like most people, and if you use the website as I would recommend rather than a mobile app, click on the little light bulb next to the button 'Start' after choosing a unit.

The tips and notes for this lesson are at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Vocab-1/tips-and-notes and they introduce the Klingon verb prefixes that show the subject and the object.

One of them is che-, which shows that the subject is "you" (more than one person) and the object is "us".


Would there be a difference between "will you ..." and "do you ..."?


No. Will you is future tense in English; do you is present tense. Klingon doesn't encode tenses into its verbs, so any single verb might be interpreted as past, present, or future, depending on context.

chevuv'a' could mean did you respect us, do you respect us, or will you respect us.

wa'leS chevuv'a' gives you that time context with wa'leS tomorrow, so its meaning is the future: will you respect us tomorrow?

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