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From level 6 we are now back to the beginning. Help please

Hello, my son was on level 6 in German and French and now he tries to access the app, it's taking him to the beginning. Please can someone help us to get back to where he was. Many thanks in advance.

March 23, 2018



Your son needs to choose I Already Have an Account on the app startup screen to sign in, and not Get Started that signs him up for a new account.


Thank you. he has already gone into the app and I don't have this option any longer to click I already have an account. Do I remove the app and reinstall? Thanks a lot for your help.


Well, first try just restarting the app or the phone, and if neither works, try to reinstall the app.

PS: make sure to clear the phone cache and app data before you restart/reinstall the app.


thanks a lot. this has really helped us. we are back in action now and son is happy again. He didn't want to start all over again and we are glad that he doesn't have to do that now. Huge thank you again.

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Please up-vote people who help you. Thanks. I see you have 3 up-votes but Arachnje, who helped you has none!


Hello, I wasn't aware of the vote. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I presume I had done it correctly.

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