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Crown system reset / back to basics

Surely this can't be right.

Since the crown update I have been reset. I was 3/4 towards full golden German. It took a LONG time as I am a casual user.

Thinking it might be a mistake, plus wanting to at least give the new system a go, I have just spent 1300xp getting the first 5 skills golden.

I don't understand why i must repeat the, and, yes, hello, bye and thank you etc hundreds of times to get back to the progress I had. The different levels were completely no different to each other.

If this is what it is like from now on, it really isn't a good reason to stay on Duolingo anymore for me.

Am I missing something here? Why do i have to start learning the entire language again from the basics? Duolingo helped me learn a new language, now i feel I'm being blocked.

March 23, 2018



I agree, i have a similar experience. After switching to crown system I felt overwhelmed to redo the very basics dozens of times just to regain their gold status. Interestingly I finished the trees in german and spanish and my crown level in spanish 90, while in german is over 300... I can't possibly understand why.

[deactivated user]

    Well, since I have my German tree golden for three months now, here's a reason to feel uneasy about the whole crowns thing.

    Thanks for your input Dumbassist.


    Based on my French experience (gold for at least three months as well) you can roughly expect your tree to be set to level 2/3. Probably more 3s than 2s. That said, I sort of like the ability to track where I have covered. Hitting the generic 'Strengthen' was getting a little dull, I am sort of enjoying cleaning up the 2s right now.


    Wait, so are you saying that DL will set the skills to a particular level based on how gold they were in the old system?


    I don't know, and I am not sure 'how gold' quite gets it - my entire tree was solid gold, and I don't recall seeing one that wasn't for at least a couple of months. My guess though is that some skills had not been practiced for a while, so became 2's, while the rest became 3's.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you for your reply IanC798471.

      It would have been nice if, together with this new crown system, new skills (read new words) had been introduced since at 52.000 xp's on a single language I've clearly outgrown Duolingo by now.

      We'll see how that pans out... if made mandatory there will be no way to escape it anyway.


      It is at least possible that there are more words now. My French word count has been the same for months, but just nudged up by 2. Of course, that could be doing a lesson with a word I had not done before as well. I have absolutely no idea what the two new words were, they were definitely not new to me.

      At some point, Duolingo for a given language isn't going to be useful. If i get to level 25 and have regilded the whole tree, I probably won't do French anymore.


      If you scroll down you can do a shortcut quiz.


      I really dislike this new feature, even more so the fact that you can't disable it. I lost the overview I had within each lesson, I can't go back to specific sub-lessons anymore. It feels overwhelming and if you have the slightest bit of OCD you'll feel the need to rush through and fill up those 15/15 things without any quality. Please Duolingo, give people the option to undo this crown update. Please.

      P.S. I don't know if it was just me, but there was no way to cancel the crown update.. ?


      The overview is still available. Hover your cursor over a lesson. A dialog box with two icons will appear. Click the light bulb icon (the one on the right), and the overview will appear. That being said, I hate the fact that I've lost the ability to identify my weaknesses and then redo appropriate sub-lessons at will. I'm done.


      First I must compliment you on your streak, almost a thousand.. holy ❤❤❤❤. Kudos. Keep it up!

      My bad, I forgot to mention I was talking about the mobile app specifically. As I'm solely using that.

      It seems there's only something similar to the previously called "weak words" available when reviewing a lesson. As opposed to having it as an EXTRA option. Having the sub-lessons fixed and structured was great and made reviewing and checking words/sentences a breeze. Instead of having to go through a dynamic and always changing single algorithm based lesson.

      "I hate the fact that I've lost the ability to identify my weaknesses and then redo appropriate sub-lessons at will. I'm done."

      Amen to that. Exactly my thought. I don't want some algorithm to decide for me what I must learn and what not. Getting something right each time doesn't mean it's stuck in the brain or fully grasped, so having the ability to manually redo at will is essential.


      That's the feature I miss most as well, but I tried that and no icons appear. Does this still work?


      please bring back level strength bars so we can see our progress on each level and choose where to progress while still working in parallel with the new automatic system :-)


      I personally find the Crown System to be very useful and helpful; however I've just created a new account with new languages after having left Duolingo a while. Basically the Crown System is really useful when you've used it the entire time for a language, but for users who were already in progress on a language and switched to the System it can be really annoying since there's not really a way to translate it.

      To answer your question -- Why do I have to start learning the entire language from the basics? -- it's because the system wasn't in mind for learners halfway through a language.

      I doubt anything can be done. I recommend just finishing the tree instead of bothering with making it gold if it's frustrating. You already know it; Duolingo just can't see it.


      well, the crown feature isn't available to me, WHY?


      I found these instructions on another post. I find it brings back the old tree. Too bad Duolingo couldn't provide an option where you could flip back and forth sort of. Keeping the old tree available if a person chooses but also provide an option for more practice than what was available. I had some areas that I just couldn't remember and wished there were more drills available. I repeated the 1st lesson of German til it was Golden to see what it was like and I started thinking about carpel tunnel. For the 1st time I saw the feature where you could select blocks or use a keyboard to enter words which I thought was a nice option.

      Press F12, which will take you to the browser console Write duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; it will reply ["^.+"]; Go to home, then to the lingot store, and take the test!

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