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Mistake in Tips and notes Verbs: Present 1

In the section of Tips and Notes belonging to the unit Verbs: Present 1 it says:

" In addition, when a verb stem ends in -s, second and third person plural forms will look the same:

lesen (to read) — du liest, er liest This is because the -s- from du …-st and the -s from the verb stem merge".

I think there is a mistake: it is the second and third person singular, not the plural ones, as the examples who come right after show.

Best regards.

March 23, 2018



Yes, you are right. It should be: "...second and third person singular forms will look the same:..."


The verb lesen is conjugated like this in German:

ich lese, du liest, er liest, wir lesen, ihr lest, sie lesen


Yes... I know that, but that has nothing to do with my message...

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