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French exercises still too esoteric, hard to understand

Compared to the other languages I study on Duolingo, the French exercises, particularly the timed exercises, are much more complex, esoteric, difficult to understand (muffled) and give much less leeway in the answers. Why?

March 23, 2018



I just want to agree with you.I have to write them down to remember them.Spanish is so much easier.


I am curious. I would like to see some examples.


ok, here's one. In the "Materials" section, the first phrase was "Comme du coton?" Context please? Who says that? I put in "Is it like cotton?" and was told that my answer was wrong and the correct answer was "Like cotton?" First of all, I was close enough. Second of all, why have a phrase the translation of which is "Like cotton?" I


The next time I see one, I'll pass it on


Here's' an example "She puts her hands on her ears in order not to hear the noise anymore," Really? In a timed exercise??


Here's another - and the audio is garbled. "Son rouge à lèvres est rouge sang" That was very hard to understand, and the expression "rouge a levres" had never been used before, nor had the expression "rouge sang," and the voice sounds muffled.

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