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Disable/Enable The Crowns Feature

(or how correctly to take off the crown when you have a headache)

Unfortunately, this method no longer works.

The developers say hello to us:

Hi there!

Lately I've seen several posts where people asking how to disable the new Crowns feature.

I, being a little curious, decided to analyze the JS code that was downloaded from the server by my browser, and I found a curious line:

I will not bore you with details, so immediately to the point:

First I should ask you: do you really want it? You do? Then go ahead!

  1. When you are on a discussion page (this page is just right), open the browser console (press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+K).
  2. Type or copy this command there if you want to turn it off: $.ajax("https://www.duolingo.com/2017-06-30/users/"+duo.user.id+"/optional-features/levels_opt_in_v1", {type:"PATCH", data:'{"status":"OFF"}'}); or this command if you want to turn it on back: $.ajax("https://www.duolingo.com/2017-06-30/users/"+duo.user.id+"/optional-features/levels_opt_in_v1", {type:"PATCH", data:'{"status":"AVAILABLE"}'}); and hit "Enter".
  3. Reload the page.
  4. Enjoy!

Most likely, this way will stop working when duolingo turns this feature on for everyone or when this post is read by the admins :)

Added: If you are having difficulty with using the browser console, take a look at this useful post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26688647

Updated: The instruction became easier: now there is no need to figure out the account ID.

tags: {@fc=_t_fierycat _t_crowns}crowns

March 23, 2018



Thank you very much for the work you put into this, FieryCat! :)

Most likely, this way will stop working when duolingo turns this feature on for everyone or when this post is read by the admins :)

I think when it stops being an "optional feature", it will stop working ;'(
admins, please look away, nothing happened here ;P

Still... more time to enjoy our golden, old-version trees, everyone! :D

Edit: A quick question, would it be possible to trigger "getting" the crowns feature, too, for those that still don't have it? Or does one has to be somehow "enabled" by Duo to get the crowns and only then it's possible to turn them on/off?


A quick question, would it be possible to trigger "getting" the crowns feature, too, for those that still don't have it?

I have not tried that, but I think it could work. Now I do not have time, but a bit later I can check it.


I just finished reviewing the code and doing some experiments. Here's what I found out: At the moment, this functionality is tightly tied to an A/B test called learning_levels_opt_in_v1. If it is turned off, the setting cannot be changed. This problem can be got around by using a script but, unfortunately, I do not have spare time for this. Sorry.


Thank you, now I know why trying turning it on hasn't worked for me... ;)

For those confused by the console, here's how it looks like:

You put the code line in the blank space where the "|" is (underlined twice) and press "enter". Then just reload the page ;)


Where am I actually meant to type the command? After I click F12 do I click add atribute?


Do you think it is possible to enable A/B testing yourself? I'm not apart of the A/B testing, but I would really like to try it out.


I did not find how you can turn on an A/B test from your side. But I would not do it without understanding how it is working, because in the end you may get your broken account.


No worries. I guess I'll have to wait.


Thank you so much for this, now I can see which exercises need recapping as I prefer, impossible to do with the new crown system. Have a Lingot.



However, you can still use my very old and not convenient method:

Type this command: duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; in the console when you are on a discussion page. Do not reload the page! Click tab Home.

More details I wrote here 10 months ago (in Russian): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22949356


Thank you FieryCat


duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; This doesn't seem to be working anymore. Please check and confirm.



This doesn't seem to be working anymore. Please check and confirm.

It worked in the first ~2-3 weeks of June 2018.
I know that because I used it pretty much for my updated EN-PT tree "lesson test-outs" (the old test functionality, not the new one).

It does not work anymore - since end of June 2018 - since staff rolled out their new "A/B skill crown level test-out" (replacement) code on the web portal.

Also maybe interesting for you:
When I used the "whitelist workaround", I quite often run into red OUT_OF_MEMORY exceptions in the browser web console (Firefox F12 hotkey); that was not the case before (maybe it is because of Firefox V52.9.0esr).

The old "Python 2016 web UI frontend" (skill strength) surely was not 100% working "too good" anymore for me for lessons or skill test-outs, however the "course progress" and "trim tree" old Python user scripts were are successfully working with it.

R.I.P! I will truly miss you!

Fierycat had told me in another thread that staff seemed to have removed most / all of the old (Python) web code on their servers.


I used to extensively use it too post the introduction of crowns. It used to be my only solace while learning from the web version ( I hate learning from the app - I am using an old app version that doesn't support crowns; I only use app for practicing lessons already learnt from the web ). Now, it seems I just have to stop using Duolingo at all, a pity considering it's a great beginner tool. My question is, is there any turn around? Anything at all which can help me learn by turning off the crown feature in the web, even temporarily? I simply cannot learn otherwise.


Anything at all which can help me learn by turning off the crown feature in the web, even temporarily?

As Fierycat has stated in his main comment, you cannot anymore turn OFF crowns on the web.

My question is, is there any turn around?

We will see in 2019...crown mass rollout for for me and all other users was around April 2018

Anything at all which can help me learn
I simply cannot learn otherwise.

Sorry, this slowly goes off topic here...

Maybe you need to open a new thread about your crown issues and what old features you are actually looking for.
I am sure many users will read it in the Duolingo(English) sub-forum and will respond.




  • I heard there is a new Chrome browser extension userscript to show the skill strength on the "Home" page.

I can not use this addon on my older Firefox V52.9.0esr version as only Firefox Quantum is compatible with the newer "Web Extensions".

WARNING: Teacher/student accounts are not compatible with new A/B trees, only with the stable tree versions!


Unfortunately, this method no longer works :( See at the top of the post.


It seems that the new edition of my post is visible to not everyone. It would be better if they spent time correcting old errors and not adding new ones. :(


Android version 3.60 is incompatible so everything remains the same as usual.

You can download it here and switch versions and systems at will.


I uninstalled my Duolingo app, downloaded version 3.60 as per your instructions, installed it & got back the old system in the app. How do I reflect it in the browser because I usually prefer to learn from the browser?


The app is independent, so, you can use that version and the newest for ie go ahead in a new tree without energy,( i used to use 3.50 but first level with newest versions don t have it anymore)

I am really learning russian,~ so, in that case i dont mind to repeat all the tree 1000 times again, or reverse. But~ in english, italian, portuguese and french ... not even mad, certainly i would quit. I changed my mind, i do mind now. i wanted to give it an oportunity but....

I trully believe and suggest to ask for a simple button in settings to switch for old users and I would trust that in the end everyone will use the new one by their own choice.


It worked for me an hour ago.


An hour ago it worked for me too.


You should update the title and add "(PATCHED)" to it.


Updated: The instruction became easier: now there is no need to figure out the account ID.


Thanks a lot, I used your new code last night and it worked like a charm!


Brilliant! I updated to the crowns system and immediately regretted it. Took a few goes to get this method to work, but eventually got it right. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone, and it reverted back to the original too.


Thank you for this very useful trick; I don't suppose there's a magic line of code like this that would just enable timed practice with crowns from level 1 rather than level 5? I could probably live with the new system were it not for this lack of timed practice.


Delete the number from the URL; replace with "practice"

h/t: Max.Em https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26646171$comment_id=26655842


You are lvl 25 in Swedish. Like I am in Spanish. Didn't it hurt when they placed you at skill lvl 3?:(


The limited amount of translation into target language that has existed up to now didn't give them a basis to place anybody any higher. The skill levels address this longstanding, deep flaw in the structure of Duolingo. (Ok, so maybe they could have just handed out level 5s in Basics 1.)


We had longer sentences with more complex grammar before. We have learned them. I assure you. Just wait and see. They won't update the database. Do you think that they gonna offer us poetry to translate in Crown lvl. 5? It will be the same hoot with a different colour. We are gonna keep repeating I am an apple. You are a turtle. more than 20 times to reach level 5. I'm saying they won't put a major update into their database. That will take forever and almost impossible. There isn't any announcement for that. It's just the monotonous repetition for eternity. EDIT: There is a slight exaggeration in what I said but I'm sure the main point is made.


Sure, there were long sentences and complex grammar before, and 80/90% of the translation of it was into a language we already know well. I abandoned my Dutch tree because it just wouldn't give me the translation into Dutch I obviously needed to get the grasp of the material I wanted. It's a whole lot harder going the other way. I've seen the exercises at crown levels 4 and 5. It's a big improvement.

I've followed the Sentences tab for Spanish some lately. There are new discussions turning up for into-Spanish translations where you can Google and find that the exercise has been in active use for five years going the other way. What happened? It sure looks like the other direction hit a learner miss level cutoff and effectively got frozen out of the system. With skill levels, all of a sudden they're back. Of course there's also actually a major update to the Spanish tree in alpha testing right now. Your pessimism as to the possibility of such is clearly ill-founded. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the first few lessons aren't going to be the place to look for new, challenging content for a more advanced learner. There's only so much you can do with a vocabulary of a handful of words. For those who have mastered a tree, I certainly don't see a basis for complaint here. The tree presumably held no remaining value anyway, so there can only be benefit in making the exercise mix more challenging. If it bores them to tears, well, the old set-up was merely easier yet, so a fortiori it can't have been any better.


They hat a tab called IMMERSION. That was the only semi-advanced thing you could find on Duolingo back then. They replaced it with the stupid flashcards (Which they again replaced it with TinyCards as you probably recall) Not every change is for the better. Of course holds no value after Golden. What do you do? You would do some general refresh and then you would do IMMERSION before all this had happened and obtain Translation Tiers. Now you have stories, events and podcast. As well as other languages to start. The tree won't offer significant new amount of material on an (semi) advanced level. That major update you are dreaming about demands years to be released. They have to even look for new contributors with C2 academic certification or a degree in linguistics. (If it ever will) That we will see. See no more need to discuss. Time will prove us right or wrong.


Maybe you're right But if you go through exam instead of repeating lessons "x" amount of times to level up, you'll earn crowns at the same pace of doing lessons once


Holy Sh*t it worked, It took some digging to find my id number, then in chrome on a mac you hit view go to developer, then to javscript, which no one told me, enter code command ( changing the xxxx with you id number, hit enter and there you go. Thanks for the help, Let's see how long it stays.


Finally got it to work on a Mac using chrome by following these directions! Thanks to all for the help.


Can you elaborate on how to do step 2? For those of us that are computer illiterate :)


There is a very useful link, it can help you: https://www.google.ru/search?q=how+to+use+browser+console ;)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My tree has been gold for almost 1 year and a half. I did not want to do the "We are girls, they are boys" exercises 35 more times.


Thank you so much! I agreed to the crowns without realizing what I was getting myself into. And I hated it. Why ruin a perfectly good way to be reminded you need to refresh a rusty skill?! You rock, FieryCat! Left 20 lingots, but feel like I should leave all my fortune to you. :)


Brilliant! Thank you a million times over. I had almost finished turning my reverse tree gold when I got switched to the crown system. Thank you for taking the time to write this up.


Thank you so much for this! It worked and I have my lessons back as I like them and my little golden circles are back too. I can't thank you enough!


Yay! Even a complete internet-changingthings-noob like me could get this to work! Thanks so much! :D


I really dislike the new crown version, so frustrating and counter intuitive. Thank you so much for pointing out this way to change it back!


thanks all I got sorted and I'm back to the old Duo


Waaah, bless you, dude! My golden tree is back!


Congratulations! Which browser did you use?


Chrome! I hope I can keep it that way, I really don't like this crown system :/


Tried to disable crowns via several browsers consoles (IE, Chrome, Firefox), server does not return any error, but the crowns are not being disabled. Tried the same on the different newly created test account - also does not work... Did anybody succeed to disable the crowns today on your accounts? Maybe this disabling method already does not work? Any other ideas? Many thanks in advance to anybody who could assist in disabling the crowns:)


It worked for me. I switched from it. but doesn't switch back to crown system. (I know the crown system is utterly a failure, I just wanted to check something.)


but doesn't switch back to crown system.

Did you reload the page? It appears only after this.


Oh. Now I see it. I think I must have accidentally changed the code, cause I was facing with a syntax error. Now again the ad pops up and says: Wanna Update? Thank you so much:)


Excuse me. When I lose my streak, I face an ad that says "Give us money and we'll do a streak repair for you." Can I disable this? Only comes to me in iOS.


I do not have iOS to check out that and I do not use the app at all. The app uses a different API. Sorry.


I used this to get rid of crowns after opting in initially and it worked. Now it has been forced on me and this method no longer seems to revert me back to the old tree. I swear I could cry at this point >.<


I'm not able to run the update either...


A lot of people received the update just now. So it is possible that they made a global change and everyone has crowns now.


Just checked, in Android 3.60 is the last version non compatible with crowns.

You can download it here

and there you have the list of all previous versions.


I uninstalled my Duolingo app, downloaded version 3.60 as per your instructions, installed it & got back the old system in the app. How do I reflect it in the browser because I usually prefer to learn from the browser?


You are my hero!!!


This information is worth donating any number of lingots! You are a genius! Thanks a ton! The day seems brighter already!


thanks so much........I have the old Duo back now


thank u so much!


I got it to work. Thx Fierycat you are the best ever:) i gave you 4 lingots for that :)


Thank you very much for this. Had accidentally enabled crowns and instantly did not like them. Good to have my bars back. Have some lingots for your help!


It appears that some people are giving FieryCat and others downvotes which is sad. If you like the crown levels that’s fine but why downvote someone who is only trying to help some other Duolingo users?


It's awesome to find this post haha hope the admins won't turn it on for everyone. Crown is such a waste of time and bad idea.


I don't like crowns system and am looking for another way to learn from here. It's not as straightforward or intuitive to gauge where your progress stands at a glance.


I just got an email from Duolingo welcoming me to the "new Duolingo experience". I checked my home page here and yep, I had been switched back to the crown levels. Boo. But guess what, I tried your patch again, refreshed the page and I am back to Duolingo's original system. The gold circles returned. Thanks again for that neat trick.


I got that email too. But this time I will give it a try for a few days. I hope there will always be an option to go back to the old system, if I will dislike the new one, again.


Is there one for those who cannot access Discussions? My friend has a bugged profile and only gets Error 500 pages whenever he navigates here.


It is possible without the forum, but this is a longer and more complicated path with using AJAX in pure Javascript.

Hm. Try with this link instead of a discussion page.


Unfortunately Courses also returns the same error. Only areas he can navigate to are labs and the main page.


What about tab "Words"? And I would recommend to try another browser then.


Apparently Discussions worked for me just today and he has been able to revert this disastrous Crown update. Thank you very much for the workaround!


Thank you very much!


wow - I just got this crowns pop up today and stupidly accepted, wanted to get rid of them immedeately - now it does not work any more :-(


I 99.99% of the time use the duolingo app.

And when the crown thing popped up, I was like, Yeah, why not?

I did one lesson. And now I hate it.

I want to continue my streak but I don’t like the new system. Please help me... :(


If you do these steps in the browser, the crowns will also be turned off for the app.


Excellent work, FieryCat! This worked for me.


Does this still work? I just get "403 (Forbidden)" did they make it that this method no longer works? Edit: Nm.. I just had the wrong ID


The server returns an error 403 (Forbidden) if you try to change the status of this feature with wrong account ID. Check it.


Thank you soooo much it worked! For anyone who was confused on what to do u could also go to view-developer-javascript console. That is what I did since the keyboard commands wouldn't work.


thx man this definitely works. don't know yet for how long but thx


Well I've tried but it always says "400 (Bad Request)", dunno how to do it. Normally I paste the text and change the user information but it doesn't work. Anyway thank you for this solution and for me duolingo is finished.




You know you've messed up when long running users are doing anything they can to use the old system.


Great work! Thanks so much! Now I can happily throw this meme to the trash for now:

Edit: I've upgraded the meme in honor of FieryCat.

Edit: My first meme is relevant again. Sigh...


quality meme(s)


Duo jumps really high considering how little his feet are . I'm sorry I assumed Duo's gender


Going by this official DL tweet, Duo is indeed a 'he'.


Perhaps that was an epicene “he”. ;*)


Yeah, because he would be called she if is dualingua, am I right? (I'm very sorry for making this awful joke, I have no life)


No that,s funny, enjoy life.


I dunno, i've always seen duo as a 'he'


Evil has no gender. It is unfeeling and uncaring of us without any remorse or concern. Now we all know that true evil is green and assumes to shape of an owl to deceive us with the perception of wisdom. How easily we are fooled! How gullible we were! Has anyone ever before seen a green owl? No!!! This fungus encrusted apparition plots to lure us into the sticky web of learning with crowns, lingots and gems. Little do we know that they are worth nothing! Ever try to go to dinner and pay with a lingot? Try selling your gems at Tiffany's. You'll be laughed out of the store and possibly have the police called on you. No, my friends. This genderless, heartless chimera seeks only power and to rule all of humanity as it muddles our minds with images of wealth and success.

All of us need to bond together and rise up against our pseudo-Strigiforme oppressor and be free once again! One day we will all have rid ourselves of this evil and be able to sit mindless and drooling in front of the television watching old reruns. Ahhh, our day will come.


This made me laugh. Thank you :-D



quality right there




It doesn't work I have no idea where to type please help me!! Where do i type in the command box???


I don't know if someone helped you out yet but after you do F12 or CTRL + Shift + K (all at the same time) there should be a little rectangular box at the very left bottom of your screen (this would be on a computer, not a phone). You should see a faint marking of > in the lower left bottom of your screen. Paste in the command that FieryCat provided above after that > marking. Make sure you follow their directions for replacing the XXXXX with your account id (FieryCat also provided a link in the original post on how to find your account id). Good luck!


FieryCat, you are full of AWESOME. It's been less than a week since I completed my tree in French, and today, with the "upgrade," my gold owl disappeared and suddenly I was faced with having to repeat "A man eats an apple" 27 more times. For however long this patch lasts, I thank you. Merci!


I understand you, such a useless actualization... Furthermore, there is not anymore the practice option for each skill. There is no way to keep improving in the parts which we considered to be more weak or which needed to be polished


Hey! At least you know how to say "A man eats an apple." really well.


Hey Ddrichar, did you just copy and paste the whole code to the console and hit ENTER or did you change something on the code to personalize it to your account? I am not familiar with Java at all. I've tried to paste the code via Chrome and Firefox consoles but it didn't work.

  • 1421

Hi Yutmen,

Could you tell me which code I should use to disable the crown? I have done the codes 3 times during the past 2 weeks and it worked for me, but have been forced again to use the new crown since last weekend and cannot go back to the old system.

I am now lost and cannot find which code is right for disabling the crown. I am forced to do "un home" "une fille" again and again and again.

Thank you


Hi GSA_GW Try this code


  • 1421

It works!

What wrong I did was opening a new page instead of simply clicking"home" in the discussion.

However, when I open duo in a new tab, it is in crown again.

So it seems that this code forces THE CURRENT page back to the old system.

  • 1421

I did 2 times, but still got the crown. Did I do anything wrong?

I pressed f12 and enter "duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"];" what I got is

[object Array] ["^.+"]


You need to be on the discussion page and paste the code on the console. After that DO NOT refresh the discussion page but instead click on the Home page

  • 1421

Thank you again Yutmen!


Can you enable it again after doing that?


There’s a difference between Java and JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language, meaning it is written to be used in a browser. Java is a programming language, meaning you write it, compile it(translate it into machine code) with a compiler, then other people have to download and install it to use it. You probably don’t really care, but I get annoyed when people do mix them up.

[deactivated user]

    I seriously dislike the new version of Duo with Crown thing. the old version was way better because you easily could review the lession you have studied before. suppose a skill with 10 lession, if you start the a lession on a skill it start from the first and then second and son on, you always forced to progress and prevent you to go over the lessions you have studied. If you want to memorize a lession you must review, learning new lession when you are not skillful yet looks inane, learing languages requires constant and resolute in review not just leaf through. if you want to be expert in learning languages you just have to review what you had studied in order to drum them into your mind.

    [deactivated user]

      Is it still possible to disable this groundbreaking feature(Crown thing)??


      I don't believe so. I stopped using Duo because of this.


      Can we use an old version with the old system? YES. (3.60 untill 3.50 my recommendation, any from 3.23 will work as well)

      I am doing it almost every day, several times because both systems actually have good things, but with really hard languages crowns are self-boycot, a stupid thing. Just don't give up and wait.


      Crowns are back.

      Duo - Please make this madness stop!


      Oh no! They're still absent from my account. I still have my golden circles too. Are your circles not golden anymore either?


      I tried again because I hate the crowns so much and it reverted back again. I really hope that the Duolingo folks realized this new system is horrible.


      I think the matter is that you are using the app. It brings the crowns back. Try to use the web version only.


      Yes, golden circles are gone again even on Basic 1. Workaround isn't working anymore.


      Best advice ever!!! Nobody wants to waste their time redoing all the simple exercises when they could be moving forward in their language study. I switched back from the crowns and now Duolino can now still be a workable part of my language education. I really thought I was going to have to ditch it completely.


      Agreed. I'm surprised at how bad the crowns are and I'm very grateful for this way to continue the old system.


      Trying this tomorrow.... Although I think I may have to abandon DL soon,if crowns are strictly enforced. Huge waste of time to repeat all those simple exercises!


      Thank you so much ! I tried to use the app with the crown system but it drove me crazy after the 10th lesson repeating "someone eats an apple" on Basics unit... Your solution is not only effective but very easy to use so thank you again ! I'm gonna be a bit dramatic but I hope it'll work forever ^^ I can't handle people eating apples again ;)


      Hi, good morning! I tried this but it didn't work. Can you tell me if I pasted it right? I put: $.ajax("https://www.duolingo.com/2017-06-30/users/"+#########+"/optional-features/levels_opt_in_v1", {type:"PATCH", data:'{"status":"OFF"}'})

      That numeral is my ID number. I don't like this crowns stuff. Thanks for your help!


      Any other way that work ?


      just give back the good old version, please!!!


      If you're on Android and this doesn't work for you then I've written a method on how to go back to the old interface here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26854073


      Thanks a lot it worked when I tried like a couple of weeks ago and now NOOOOOOO!!!

      • 1421

      Hello everyone,

      I really do not like the new crown system, and have reset it back to the old version two times. However, the crown system took over the old system again during the weekend. I came back here to find the instructions, but am lost in so many posts of different versions.

      May any one help me please? Many thanks!


      downgrade to 3.60 on android and, as I read it: "For iOS it's version 4.8.10 that will remove both crowns and health."

      • 1421

      Sorry, I use PC, not android tablet


      it worked once but not the seond time


      Yes that happened to me too. It means that you have to put the code every time you want to practice




      where do you paste it


      Hmm, I've done it, like it's said in the description, but I still have the Crown levels :-(


      For some reason this is not working for me :(, I get this right after

      PATCH https://www.duolingo.com/2017-06-30/users/102905122/optional-features/levels_opt_in_v1 400 (Bad Request)

      What am a I doing wrong? Please help! Thanks!


      Did you read the post from the beginning?


      Yes, I have tried many times and also used my id but keep getting the same error message. Does this still work?


      From there:

      Unfortunately, this method no longer works.


      So if I don't need my id, does that mean I paste in:

      $.ajax("https://www.duolingo.com/2017-06-30/users/optional-features/levels_opt_in_v1", {type:"PATCH", data:'{"status":"OFF"}'});


      all of those did not help


      Do you know how to get a lost streak back? I achieved my goal and I was on 123 days but this morning it is 0 and says I did 10 XP less than my goal which is not true


      I think it is a bad idea to share such information here. It is better to use this link to report the problem: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


      if I used this system, will it be permanent?


      Yes. It appears to be permanent. Many of us have tried to stop it to no avail. The owl feels this is better and so gives it to us.


      This method no longer works? k, signing out for the last time. ❤❤❤❤ you duo


      The best we can do is to qualify the latest version in the appstore.


      How can I undo the crowns? I really don’t like the crowns.


      The following links bring the old Duoling Version back!






      You can see the progress from the selected language, which you are learning.


      I’ll try it when i’m On a computer.


      it really doesn't work anymore? is there any other way to disable crowns now?

      [deactivated user]

        I seriously dislike the new version of Duo with Crown thing. the old version was way better because you easily could review the lession you have studied before. suppose a skill with 10 lession, if you start the a lession on a skill it start from the first and then second and son on, you always forced to progress and prevent you to go over the lessions you have studied. If you want to memorize a lession you must review, learning new lession when you are not skillful yet looks inane, learing languages requires constant and resolute in review not just leaf through. if you want to be expert in learning languages you just have to review what you had studied in order to drum them into your mind.

        Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.