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Skill Levels + question to the community

I haven't gotten the Skill Levels yet, but I have read more negative than positive comments around the community. Because of this, I really wanted to try it, and since I don't have it, I logged out my account and I entered without an account and I took the Czech course, since it's the language I am learning more seriously now... and yes, I saw the Crowns in there.
I gave it a try and, to be honest, I expected much more. Once you get to Level 5 in crowns, the exercises are pretty long. That is a very good thing for Czech,. in my case, because the more I practice it, the better, but there are some languages that I am just practicing to know the basics and be able to read some basic articles, and taking very long lessons in those languages is kind of tiring.
I can say that I am dissapointed after trying this, but on the other hand, I have also read good comments about this new change. I really don't want to lose motivation the day I get the Skill Levels update, so if you are one of the members who likes this new thing, please give me a good reason or reasons to see the bright side of this. I also totally understand that Duolingo did this in order to improve the language learning journey, and not the other way around, so, as an addicted guy to Duolingo for years, I cannot say more than thank you.

  • If I am a casual learner of languages, is Skill Levels a good thing?
  • Once I get to Level 5, can I go back to Level 4, 3, 2, 1, in order to have shorter lessons?
  • Can I, for example, activate Skill Levels in Czech, but not in Turkish and/or other languages?

Thank you very much, dear Duolingo and community. Love you all!

March 23, 2018



I don't have the new system yet, just a question about what you wrote: did the lessons get longer (i.e. more exercises per lesson) or did the exercises get longer (i.e. more words per sentence) as you moved through the skill levels, or both?


I am at level 25 in spanish, advanced, everyday my fluency changes between % 66 to %65. Each day I do at least 100XPs, but still the exercises are very simple and the very same ones. I wish I had not paid to be a plus member. How many more days I can put up with; Es lunes Las mujeres beben agua Soy el niño .... Cannot get an email for duolingo, and I am really sick and tired of exercise deja vu’s. Do you guys have any advice? Is this duolingo norm in spanish? Thanks


Duolingo is for beginners and for people who are brushing up their school knowledge.

Other ways you could improve your Spanish:

Apart from that

  • read a newspaper article every day and try to learn its new words
  • listen to podcasts, watch movies with or without subtitles
  • converse with a native speaker as much as possible
  • translate texts in http://translatihan.com/

There are numerous possibilities. Duolingo will only bring you to an A2/B1 skill level in reading/writing and A1 (maybe A2) in listening/talking.

Info about language levels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages
Read from "Common reference levels".


Thank you so much, much appreciated


How many more days I can put up with; Es lunes Las mujeres beben agua Soy el niño

OK, well and good. How are you on the subjunctive? If you've got that down (at least as much as Duolingo teaches it), too, give Pentaan some lingots because you've probably been needing to read that post for a quite a while already :)


I still don't have it, but from what I'm hearing, maybe it would be a good idea to re-enable shortcuts for those who have already passed checkpoints when they switch?


Duolingo's main advantage over other language-learning sites is its spaced repetition algorithms - the way it keeps tracks of words that I need to review, and shows me them at an appropriate time, by de-golding skills. Does the site still do that, with the crown system enabled?


You still have the general strengthen on the home page, but you no longer have decaying skills and skill bars.


Interesting. Does the general strengthen use the spaced repetition stuff, or does it do something with the crowns?


This is a fair point about no decaying skills. I like the new system a lot. But somewhere in the future, users will fill up their crown levels. Besides, its a good way to learn and maintain a language. I bet they add it one day.


I started crowns yesterday. My German tree has been all gold much of the past two years but now none is gold. Working on the skills near the end of the tree will be good practice but it is very tiring/boring to work on the multiple levels of Basics, Basics 2, etc. to get them gold again. Anyone have advice?


Hang in there. I have the feeling this change is here to stay, and that they will be improving it. And yes, for me, the repeating basic skills is a bit tedious, but I always learn something. After all, I'm in this for the competency, not the gold badges.


I'm with you, Captain Eric. I too am getting a little tired of repeating the basic skills, but I am surprised at how much I have learned as I do it. And I dip into the more advanced lessons as well to keep me motivated (I have long since finished the trees in both French and English) and I'm really glad to have the new format, even when I get tired of the apples and the boys and the girls. I really, really appreciate Duolingo.


If you are a casual learner, you can complete the entire tree to crown level one and be done with it.

If you are a more serious learner, you can take the tree (or parts of it) to crown level five. I just posted this in another discussion, but it's relevant here as well:

The lessons get more challenging at higher crown levels. The basic content of the skill stays the same (i.e. you're still learning the same verbs in "Present 1") but the sentences are more complex and you'll be asked to do more speaking, listening, and translating into your target language.

For example, this morning I was doing "Adjectives 2" in French. I've just completed my 3rd crown in that skill and begun working on the 4th crown. I got a sentence "C'est un simple chapeau". In French the adjective usually follows the noun... "C'est un chapeau simple" would be "It is a simple hat." It turns out that "simple" is a special adjective. When it precedes the noun, we translate it as "It is simply a hat."

This is one of those sentences that native English speakers probably miss a lot. So in the old format it probably was "retired" and not given to students - sentences that were "too hard" got retired because they killed retention. In the new crown system, those "hard" exercises are back, but only at higher crown levels.

I don't know whether this particular exercise is one that was retired and brought back, but it's an example of how the crown system varies from the old system.


I would also add that the first exercises in the 0-level (before completing the unit... for the first time) seemed to be easier that when you completed a unit for the first time before:

  • less "medium hard" sentences
  • you can switch between "type the answer" and "choose the words, in the right order, among the words bank (which contains words that are useless for that sentence)"

So, for the new learners, it'll make the learning smoother but with a choice the user have for each sentence between "not too hard" and "simplier" (=word bank). So it gives some freedom to users. ;)

And the persons who already know those easier things? Well, they can still test out the skill (or part of the tree) and they'll be done with this "before crown-level 1, easy exercises".

And, in the same time, as Lrtward explained, the last crown-level will show you exercises considered "hard(er)" that you would never have seen in the old system (despite the contributors having created them and worked on them).

So it has been designed to make the learning more "step by step".
Personally, I jst find it a little long to reach crown-level 5 but... it takes time to learn a language. ;)


I use IPad duolingo app. I do apologize if I do sound stupid, but how do you increase crown levels? I finished the whole tree, did the practices of each heading several times, and have seen that even the practice exercises are repeatations. Am I missing something? Thank you kindly


Am I missing something?

I think your account has still not yet been switched to "crown-levels" system and that's why it seems obscure to you.
It'll be all more clear, I guess, the day your account will be switch. Staff is (slowly) switching all accounts into the new system.


Your explanation sounds very positive! I am excited to test out the new crowns, despite the negative comments here and there.

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