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Difference in the French speakers accents

Does anyone know the difference between the male and female French speaker accents, such as whether they are native speakers or not? I am not sure whether I am hearing it incorrectly but it seems they pronounce words differently.

March 23, 2018



If you mean the audio that comes with Duolingo then the issue is that these are computer generated. Mostly they are fine but in some cases there will be very bad pronunciation of a particular word. Sometimes this will be bad only in the male or female version but often it is bad for both.

Whether the audio is computer generated (via Google as far as I know) or recordings of native speakers varies from language to language. I'm almost certain the French ones are all computer generated.

If you want to check the correct pronunciation I suggest you use Forvo. For popular words this will have multiple recordings of real people saying the word and it will tell you their gender and home country.

For example here's a link to the page for Bonjour. There are 44 separate recordings (that's a lot, 2 or 3 would be more usual) and you can select male, female, French, Canadian, Swiss etc.

If you think a word might be mispronounced on Duolingo then you can double check on Forvo.


Thank you for your help. I will have a look at forvo as well.


Duolingo uses native recorded TTS which is a database of single words or short strings of words. It is my understanding, that the female is Parisian and the male is from the south of France. (I vaguely remember one or two of the mods commenting on this elsewhere).

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