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  5. "I get up."

"I get up."

Translation:Ich stehe auf.

March 23, 2018



Deutsch ist ein Schwere Sprache


Is this an idiom? Seems like the literal translation would be "I stay up." Does it also mean that? And if so, how does one specify that "I was previously not up"?


The literal translation of "Ich stehe auf" is "I stand up". It can mean "I get out of bed" or "I rise [from the chair] / I get up [from my knees / from the floor]".

"I stay up" in the sense of "I'm not going to bed yet" = "Ich bleibe auf"

"I don't fall to the floor [e.g. due to fainting or being kicked]" = "Ich bleibe stehen"

"I was previously not up" - you mean, "I hadn't left my bed (maybe was still asleep) until you rang at my door"? I'd translate that as "Ich war noch nicht auf" ("I wasn't up yet"), although I'd probably prefer to say "Ich war noch im Bett" ("I was still in bed") or "Ich habe noch geschlafen" ("I was still asleep").

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