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practice in crown mode

Is it my perception or do you not earn progress when you practice in crown mode? It seems that my gold bars don't increase when I use the practice button.

I prefer to let the algorithm decide what to practice since I have completed my tree.

March 23, 2018



That has been my experience as well. I finished my tree and used the timed practice to brush up on things I had forgotten. I know some people like the crown mode, but it just seems boring and repetitive to me.


Here's a thread with what seems like a good suggestion to have it be less so: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26680997 (probably takes a bit of tinkering for an already-finished tree, but the general idea can presumably be employed).


i've finished my tree, but still wanted to practice. i brought my Basics 1 up to crown level 5... there wasn't really any benefit in this for me... the material was repetitive and did not introduce any new... anything. when i click "practice," the algorithm chooses what i should practice. i prefer this. however, in doing this, you don't get any level ups on the skill sets... all yellow bars remain at zero.


I've seen posts that at crown level 3 and beyond there's plenty of translation into the target language. For me that's super valuable (although probably most of us already have that well enough down for Basics 1 :)

I hope they'll manage to hook the whole-tree practice option into the skill level system. In the original announcement of skill levels it said they'd be working on incorporating spaced repetition in with the levels. Perhaps it won't be too long before they manage to do it.


Question: what is "Crown Mode"? I've seen it on the discussion but I have no idea what it is.


it seems to be something they are rolling out in phases. instead of having a percentage of fluency, you earn crowns. each skill is given a crown level from 1-5 (i think). for example, in Basics 2, you need to practice 8 lessons to advance to crown level 3... then a crown with a 3 is shown on top of your skill circle. to move to level 4, and increasing number of lessons are required. apparently it's meant to become more complicated as you go. the lessons seem the same to me though.


There have been a lot of complaints about the "Fluency" thing so maybe they are trying something else. Just something to help people remember to practice!


i'm not fussed about the fluency meter. it's just that when i use the practice button, my yellow bars don't go up as if i had taken a lesson.

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