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The hour in german

heyguys, i dont understand the hour very well in german, can you help me?

March 23, 2018



Do you mean how to tell time? When telling time in Germany, you simply take away the 1 and subtract 2 from the ones digit. So 17:00 for example. You take away the 1 and subtract the 2, which gives you 5 pm.


i would just substract 12.

17:00 - 12 =5pm

20:00 - 12=8pm etc.

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    Hey, that is a handy way of shifting from military to non-military time. It must work the other way as well: to go non-military to military time, you add 2 and put a 1 next to it. 4 PM becomes 16:00.

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    I was in the Army and I used to subtract 2 after 1200 (noon). So 1400 becomes 2pm. 1300 becomes 1pm. 2100 became 9pm. Gosh, that may not seem too clear but it worked for me then and still does.


    13:00Uhr - 1pm, 14:00Uhr-2pm,15:00Uhr - 3pm...... just cut the 1 at the beginning and substract 2.

    in "am" you'll not have problems you take them how they are. 08:00Uhr - 8am , 10:00Uhr - 10am

    12am is 00:00Uhr, 12pm is 12:00Uhr

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