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I was stuck on 68% for last 3 months and now with over 50,000 Xps its down to 67%?

I was stuck on 68% for last 3 months and now with over 50,000 Xps its down to 67%?

March 23, 2018



The "fluency" number is a crap, made-up statistic that has no relevance to your actual fluency. And, statistically there's no real difference between 67 and 68%. Don't worry about it.


Das ist zeimlich beruhigend...Danke schon.


Yeah, the fluency doesn't work accurately at all. Pay no attention to it


That algorithm has nothing to do with fluency. It's based on how recently you have parroted back the answer that the computer expects in relation to all the words it knows that it has shown you. So if it has added new words and you haven't repeated them back recently or as often as the words that have been in system longer, the figure goes down. If you've not been here, it goes down. If you give it an answer that is correct but that isn't programmed, it assumes you are wrong and the figure goes down. It means nothing.


Keine Sorge! Das Prozent stimmt nicht. Mit dem neuen Kronensystem, ist das Prozent verschwunden? Ich hoffe ja


Is a skill strengthened? Maybe that's the case.


It means nothing.


Remember when you knew 10 words and Duolingo said you were 5% fluent? Like you I'm on 65-67% since Jan and the same topics keep dropping off even though recently done, several times.


I found that once I got to 66% it took moving mountains to get one 1% more. And yes, It went down when I took a couple of days to work on Italian instead.

Weirder yet: I got to 70% today and got my golden owl. Then I went about strengthening the few colored subjets. But EVERY TIME, it tells me AGAIN "You are now 70% fluent!" as though I've just gotten there. Does it not go over 70%? Should I consider myself done as far as Duolingo goes?


You make a good point. I think with this format of Duolingo, you can be proficient, but not fluent. Language is not limited to sentences of 3-7 words. The short stories are helpful. I also use Babbel, paid for Courses, which give a wider scope, and reading books.


i too was on 69% for many months and now suddenly it drops to 67% and will take a couple of months to climb back to 69% i was briefly 70% but only for a day or so...so i have to agree it is statistically based and not very accurate but still feels good not many get to 68% so well done

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