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I have conquered the Irish tree!

Can't believe I have done it!

Leis an Fhirinne a rá, I am actually more pleased that I managed to work every day ( I used the streak twice I think) while keeping the blinking tree gold at all times, than anything else.

Still so much work to do ! nevertheless, I learned a lot from the duolingo course.

I have joined three local "real" Irish classes recently,one at A' level standard. Our teacher is fantastic, so from now on, I will be concentrating mainly on following our teacher's guidelines to improve my very basic conversation skills.

So no more "furious" work for me on duolingo !

I may let my tree lose its golden colours ( sniff... sniff...) as I plan to just strengthen what I need for my classes. New priorities!

Not quite ready to let go of my streak yet though...

Thanks to all the people who ask and answer questions especially on the discussion pages of the Irish lessons. Tá mé buíoch as an chuidiú !

It has entertained me, puzzled me at times, but more importantly, it has kept me company !

March 23, 2018



Congratulations! Next achievment: get to level 25 (although it seems you're near to that already)! Amazing work! A lingot for your efforts--although, gauging by how many levels you've already passed, I'm not sure you'd need one...

Amazing job! Happy learning, friend! :)


Thanks !

Happy learning to you too!

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Levels don't work that way - it takes almost as many points to get from Level 20 to Level 25 as it does to get to Level 20 in the first place! (I'm at level 23, but I'm not quite 80% of the way to Level 25 at the moment. Marie-Claire is about 55% of the way to level 25!)


wow that's fantastic! great job, i wish you the best of luck in your future irish endeavours :)



Bonne continuation avec vos études!


Comhghairdeas, a chara. This is wonderful and a huge reward for all your effort. The course on duo is a great journey and I learned (am still learning) so much. When you say you do not want to give up on your streak yet do you plan to pick up another language? Or will you remain in the Irish tree?

I wish you all the best for the future and a lot of fun with your Irish courses in Ireland.


Go raibh maith agat a bhirgit.

I am continuing with my Irish studies on Duolingo but not so intensively as I need to go over what is covered in class as well. (the vocab is more relevant )

As Satharn rightly pointed out I have a long way to go yet...

So I am planning on reaching level 25 slowly.


Tháinig tú, chonaic tú, bhuaigh tú air — a dhaoine uaisle, molaimis an banlaoch caithréimeach! ;*)

[If you get switched to the skill level (“crown”) system, your tree could lose its golden hues without requiring any benign neglect on your part.]



Tá mé ag tnúth go mór leis.

Go raibh maith agat!


That's wonderful... well done!


Merci albaduine!

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