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"What day of the week do you go running?"


March 23, 2018



I'm not sure of DL randomises the phrase pairings, but i dont feel that "几去" makes too much sense to be paired together, and should have instead been seperate options. It confused me, but I could be wrong.


Yes, you're right, those characters are really not a match. The grouping of the characters has to be done differently: "星期几" means "What day...?"/"Which day of the week...?".
你 - you
星期几- which day of the week...?
Check in the lesson Time 1


Why is 去 needed here?


Somebody explain, "几去" for me. Google translate says ,"Go a few". Or is 几 used the same as 几点 (what time?). 几去 means, "What go?"


"几" has to be grouped with the two characters in front of it, i.e. "星期", and not with the one after. So, it has to be read "星期几", which means "What day...?"/"Which day of the week...?"
The construction was explained in the lesson Time 1:


Is 星期几你去跑步?a valid translation?


I'm still wondering how one character translates as "what day" when hovering over the sentence shows 3 different ones. It's like one is deliberately guided to misunderstand and get it wrong. I think there are many improvement opportunities in this course, especially for the casual user just giving it a bash. Of course it doesn't help that the tests are the large noticable button and the lesson some minor thing at the side; so one isn't guided to read the lesson first from the very start, and so doesn't do so by habit throughout and tends to inadvertently always rush on.

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