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60 things I learned by living in Romania

Many years ago I lived in Romania. Also many years ago I wrote an article on 60 things I learned by living in Romania.

I thought it would be nice to share this here on this tread :)


March 23, 2018



Very nice text! It’s so nice to see I’m not the only one Brazilian who likes Romania and learns Romanian. :))

The part about young Romanians wishing to leave Romania and complaining about the country reminds me SO MUCH of Brazil!

Btw I think the plurals and present tense conjugations are the worst. The dative isn’t that complicated in my opinion.


I must say that this was very fun to read! It's always nice to see foreigners thoughts about Romania. I have never been there but I feel like I would totally agree with what you said! Btw, is that picture of you with Romania in the background?


interesting observations, some hilarious, most spot on. No 55, care to give an explanation?


Romanians tend to keep most of their feelings to themselves. Plus, being from Latin America, I guess that when I wrote it I was refering to Latin Amercan... Us here in the other side of the atlantic tend to have a shorter personal space perimeter, speak louder, among other things...


You lived mostly in Ardeal/Transilvania. There, the people are quiet and slow (German/Austro-Hungarian influence, plus the mountains, I am also a "mountain man" from my mother's side). The rest of Romania, and especially in the cities, the Romanian people are same like you describe Latin Americans: loud, argumentative, "shorter radius of the personal space", they love their life, their family, they are very passionate, they are fast to get angry and faster to calm down and forget, lazy to do important things and will always find small things to do to avoid doing important things, etc. In a word, Latin blood. An army of "minions", if you watched the movies, and if you can understand that... Let bygones be bygones... And luckily, you traveled also mostly in the mountains areas, the rest of the country the streets are straight, not so wavy, and not so good (they have holes and cracks...)


Wonderful, man! We love it! Have a lingot, and keep up the good work!

Edit: P.S. You got the number 55 totally wrong, Romanian are the most Latin bastards, here is the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2gpnrB6sVg



(getting silly and replying to myself... we think it comes with the age...) We sent the link to some friends, and re-read it with this occasion. After the morning coffee, it goes better than last night when "îmi picau ochii în gură și mă uitam printre dinți". And the grammar nazi in us wokes up... hehe... You should use diacritics for Țepeș, Vișinată, Țuică, (no. 2, 3) etc. Especially for Țepeș... You should not use title case for "țuică" (no. 4), or if you use it, then you should also capitalize "Palinka", otherwise our Hungarian friends will be angry with you... In no. 5, Moldavians, and Muntenians must be capitalized (no idea why English people do that, which is silly, but they do it, so we have to follow).... In no. 7, Romanians take their shoes "off", and not "of".... coffee break finished, back to work, we hope you will take the criticism in a constructive way, anyhow, this post is one more proof we are Latin blood, i.e. lazy, passionate, argumentative, proud, etc... and we are waiting for negative votes for it... hehe...


The part about taxis being ridiculously cheap is kind of wrong. Sure, the listed fare is 1.29lei/km, but most taxi drivers don't bother to use the taximeter. Oh, and you don't get a receipt either because of that.


Funny what you say about the dogs, my sister and I met up with a pack of dogs outside Curtea de arges, they decided we were part of their pack and went hiking with us. They wrestled with each other quite a bit but weren't aggressive towards us though it was pretty intimidating at times.

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