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  5. "Outside or inside?"

"Outside or inside?"

Translation:¿Afuera o adentro?

March 23, 2018



Can afuera be used here? I put "¿afuera o dentro?" and it considered it a typo and corrected it to "a fuera o dentro". Amusingly, even if I am correct, I can't report it with the UI because there's no option for that with "You missed a space."

Edit: Also, if I'm wrong and afuera doesn't work here, it should reject that answer so people can learn.


Helpful discussion about the distinction here: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/194628/what-is-the-difference-between-afuerafuera-and-adentrodentro

As anomalousjack points out there is a difference in usage between Spain and Latin America though it may be the reverse of what they shared. In Spain the distinction is based on movement, as DaveHarris points out: dentro = inside (static), adentro = "to /towards" the inside (motion); fuera = outside (static), afuera = "to/towards" the outside (motion). And in Latin America no distinction is made it seems. More on the distinction made between LA and Spain here: http://lema.rae.es/dpd/srv/search?key=afuera


Generally speaking, afuera is for movement and fuera for position, as you state. The regional variance consists in that in Spain we are prone to also use fuera for movement (superseding afuera), while in Latin America they might also use afuera for position (superseding fuera).

But even if no distinction is made, one would normally pair afuera with adentro, and fuera with dentro. Jade's sentence sounds odd, but "¿Afuera o adentro?" is, indeed, accepted.


My understanding is that "afuera" is associated with a movement.


I had known afuera y adentro ( vs dentro y fuera) since childhood. they should mention this upfront that both mean the same thing.


To Tamara: Well they accept both. Afuera/fuera and adentro/dentro


Why isn't it "afuera o adentro?


To Camilla: That's what I put and it was marked correct, with an alternative as "fuera o dentro" Today 11/07/2019


I actually put fuera o dentro and it marked me wrong. Lol


All through this section Duo has been teaching us AFUERA ADENTRO so now how are we supposed to automatically know to use the fuera / dentro from previius lessons, Grrrrr.


I was wondering the opposite as my lessons have been fuera and dentro. Why suddenly place a before them? Especially given that using the a implies movement. Without more context either should be accepted, and it appears they are based on other comments.


It seems to me that "fuera" and "dentro" should be accepted here as there is nothing to distinguish movement.


To billg: And if you read the posts you will see they are both accepted.


I think might be one of those 70% correct things, but regardless... this link, https://www.realfastspanish.com/vocabulary/afuera-vs-fuera-atras-vs-detras-spanish-adverbs, gives a nice rundown.

The gist is that the a-adverbs like afuera do indicate motion (as others have mentioned here), while fuera indicates the relationship between two objects (Los niños jugaban fuera de la pequeña cabaña). Duo seems to be teaching a third perspective which is that afuera is used to indicate a position without caring about either position viz a viz another object nor motion (Los trabajadores están comiendo afuera).


fuera o dentro not accepted 07/02/2021


I live in central america (costa rica) and the locals all say afuera, and adentro. but i live in the middle of nowhere-farmlands... so it could be different in the city.


What is the difference between using exterior and fuera? They both mean outside.


I believe 'exterior' is the outside surface of objects like the walls of a building.


These errors in formatting the multiple choice questions are just too frustrating! No progress being made.

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