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"Outside or inside?"

Translation:¿Fuera o dentro?

6 months ago


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Can afuera be used here? I put "¿afuera o dentro?" and it considered it a typo and corrected it to "a fuera o dentro". Amusingly, even if I am correct, I can't report it with the UI because there's no option for that with "You missed a space."

Edit: Also, if I'm wrong and afuera doesn't work here, it should reject that answer so people can learn.

6 months ago


My understanding is that "afuera" is associated with a movement.

1 month ago


I put 'afuera o adentro' and it corrected it as 'a_fuera o a_dentro'. However, that makes little sense to me. The thing is that these are adverbs: 'fuera/dentro' are used in Spain; while 'afuera/adentro' are used more often in Latin America:

¿Quieres sentarte adentro o afuera? (LA)
¿Quieres sentarte dentro o fuera? (Spain)

As adverbs, they don't need the addition of 'a', so I'm not sure that 'a_fuera/a_dentro' are used anywhere!

BTW, all these can also be used as prepositions by adding 'de' to them:
Espérame afuera/fuera (or adentro/dentro) de la estación = Wait for me inside (or outside) the station

20 hours ago