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Going Backwards

Duolingo regularly sends me backwards. One day, I've completed a number of lessons and it shows them as complete. The next day they are no longer complete and I've reverted to several lessons earlier.

Anyone else experiencing this bug. I've seen it across different browsers and devices.

March 23, 2018



Hi, its not a bug. If you have just finished a skitll it will show as gold, however as time progresses it decays. The idea is that you practice the skill again so that it becomes gold once more. How long you have left it and how many lessons in the skill will affect how many times you need to strengthen that skill to make it gold again. Some never or rarely decay as you use the vocabulary quite frequently, for example the skills at the start of the tree. Hope that helps, enjoy your studies.


I'm talking about lessons I've passed today and showing as passed and then going back tomorrow and them showing as not passed. Surely a skill wouldn't decay within 24 hours?


I think its possible. If its taken a few days to complete a skill then the parts completed first will not carry sufficient weight to stay gold. The larger skills also sometimes take more than one revision session to regild. I know its frustrating but persevere and it should happen less frequently for each skill. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am working to learn a language rather than win a competition. The more practice you get the more you are likely to remember.


Thanks for your support. Just so I understand - if a skill has 10 lessons and I do one or two each day for a few days, they could all revert to incomplete before I have completed the full set. So, I would need to complete all 10 in a single day to be certain to avoid regressing?


Not quite, the individual lessons do not become undone, you simply lose some of the strength rating for the skill. To regain the strength once you have completed the individual lessons choose the strengthen option when you go into the skill.


But, the problem I've encountered is precisely that the lessons become undone. It's as if the system loses track of the fact that I've ever even attempted those lessons and puts my account back to the state it was in a few days previously and I have to redo the lessons. This does not happen often but it does happen now and again.


Oh, sorry, I hadn't quite grasped that. I know people have commented on losing a streak after doing a lesson on the app. It seems that there may sometimes be a delay between doing a lesson on the app and it updating the central record. I have not heard of anyone having that problem with the web though. Sorry I can't help. You could check out the troubleshooting forum and post something there to see if someone can shed any light on the problem. There is also a bug reporting tool, instructions can be found here:


Good luck, I hope you can find a solution


OK. Thanks for your help.


Yes - this has been happening to me as well.


This has been happening to me also, in two different languages. In one I was at 6/15 when I left it, and I came back it was 5/15. I actually saw the yellow circle spin back when I opened the app.

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