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"She does not eat English meat."

Translation:Ea nu mănâncă carne englezească.

March 24, 2018



How do you know when to use engleză (limbă engleză) and when to use englezească?

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englez (masculine noun) / englezoaică (feminine noun) = English man / English woman

englez (masculine adjective) / engleză (feminine adjective) = belonging to or regarding England or the United Kingdom or the English people --- used mostly with concepts involving people:

  • poporul englez = the English people

  • limba engleză = the English language

  • echipa engleză = the English team

englezesc (masculine adjective) / englezească (feminine adjective) --- used mostly with objects:

  • motor englezesc = English engine

  • mașină englezească = English car

  • mâncare enlezească = English food


Unless I'm mistaken, isn't "carne" masculine? Why not "englezesc"?


Looks like it's feminine. "O carne", not "un carne".

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