"I have an oven filled with chickens."

Translation:Am un cuptor plin cu pui.

March 24, 2018

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In an earlier exercise, we had a table full of vegetables, "o masă plină de legume." I tried using "plină CU legume," but Duolingo did not accept that. In this case, I tried using "un cuptor plin DE pui," and this was rejected. This is confusing. What is the difference between "plin DE" and "plin CU," and what is the rule governing the differences in their use?

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"cuptor plin cu pui" sounds like chicken is the dominant content of the oven (the oven is crammed with chicken).

"plin de pui" sounds like either the chickens are alive and happy (like the oven is actually used as an incubator or something and so it is not filled up to the limit), or a chicken exploded inside the oven and now there is a total mess to be cleaned (although most of the content is just air), not so happy.

However, the difference is not always as clear as between black and white.

Please also see the comments on this page: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26100733


Here, there once was a room, two kids, and a bucket full of paint (= o găleată plină CU vopsea). Now it is a room full of paint (= o cameră plină DE vopsea).


Thank you, coto.i, here is a lingot for your explanations.


why is it not puii (chickens, plural) but is pui (chicken singular)?


pui is plural as well afaik, puii is articulated

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