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Where are the grammar notes? Why is everything French to English, not English to French?

March 24, 2018



Whenever they try to make it harder, such as having more translate into the language you are learning, massive numbers of people quit Duolingo.

The location of the grammar notes varies. With the old system, tips and notes (if they exist) are located in the beginning of the lessons after you click on a skill. With the crown/skill level system, you have to click on the i to get the notes. If you are on mobile, there might not be any notes, but someone else can confirm.

In general, the founder of Duolingo is almost philosophically opposed to grammar lessons. My impression is that he believes that language learning should be more intuitive. For those of us who do want grammar explanations, there are many online or you can purchase a grammar book.


Interesting information elizadeux! I find the tips and notes very valuable.


Its frustrating having a bias in one direction, I'm hoping the new format balances this out. The common advice is learn from your forward tree, i.e French from English and once you have completed that do your reverse tree i.e English from French as the balance is similar so you will do more translations from the target language which means you should have access to more English to French translations.


Even with the new format, Level 0 in the reverse trees has far more "translate to the language you want to learn" than level 5 of the regular trees. At least that's been my experience so far, but I've only brought one skill up to level 5.

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