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  5. "Was hatte ich ?"

"Was hatte ich ?"

Translation:What did I have?

March 24, 2018



So does this mean anything beyond the literal? Feels a bit like an expression but I can't figure out when anyone would actually say it.


Can be anything, but sounds a bit like a disease or similar....


My first association is someone in a bar or restaurant that asks the barman/waiter for what he drank or ate.


Or maybe when you try to recall some status in the past. For example after playing Mafia card game before opening up your role you may say that as a filler.


what i had? Is this a correct translation


Unfortunately, that's not how questions are usually structured in English. What did I have? (Verb did after the question word What/When/How etc) OR and I think this isn't common anymore "What had I got?" (Past tense version of What have I got?)


My answer, "What had I" was not accepted. As a native English speaker it sounds perfectly acceptable to me.


Präteritum does not equal Past perfect in English. I am not a native English, but to me it sounds quite clumsy to use past perfect without any additional markers. Still if you believe your option is OK, you should report next time.

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