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What whole sentences translator to use?

Do you know any good whole sentences translator that is not that bad as google translator? (spanish to english) Thanks in advance!

March 24, 2018



Nope, in all the years I've been teaching and studying languages I've found a few good bilingual word dictionaries but absolutly no sentences translators that I could be sure would not make a mess out of sentences. Give up the idea and learn as Duo and other courses teach you. Each sentence is individual. Every language has a myriad of expressions that do not translate word for word which is all the translation sites can offer.


I agree. I've tested quite a few of them, and all of them need some postediting. Sometimes the translation provided is so bad that it would have been better if I had translated the sentence right from the start.

So I would not recommend these tools for language learning. Their output can be very confusing.


It's not a whole sentence translator, but I find that having a good dictionary program with example sentences and idiomatic expressions can be helpful. I like wordreference. For example: http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=recorrido

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I use spanishdict.com. It will give you three different translations. Not perfect but acceptable. Try it and see what you think. Good luck!!

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