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Is "Tout DE" a Thing?

In English, I might say "I'm eating all of the strawberries."

In French, it gets translated to "Je mange toutes les fraises."

They have dropped the "of" part, which you can also do in English. If I wanted to though (because that's just how I tend to speak), can I add in the "de?"

Ex. "Je mange toutes des fraises."

Or is that just not allowed?

Merci d'avance!


March 24, 2018



it is allowed but it changes the meaning, "Je mange TOUTES LES fraises" means you are eating all the strawberries you have without leaving any of them in the dish. "Je mange TOUT DES fraises" means you are eating every part of the strawberry (perhaps including the leaves!


I believe the same is true in English. It is just that English usage isn't really taught and learned as precisely as it once was.


Thank you, this clears it up! :)


good question, but no "Je mange toutes des fraises." does not work in French, even though in english you can say "all OF the..".


You're right, Camilla. And personally I would add that it would be better to share and leave a little for others, of these first spring strawberries, the "garriguettes" ones, the French ones, not the Spanish which are not tastied.


ooohh I have to find garriguettes, they sound delicious!

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