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  5. "Did your father make this?"

"Did your father make this?"

Translation:Hat dein Vater dies gemacht?

March 24, 2018



Why not "Hat dein Vater das gemacht?"?


"Hat dein vater das gemacht" reported wrong...


One year later, "Hat dein vater das gemacht" still marked incorrect. The correct solution is given as "Hat dein Vater dies gemacht?"


I entered 'Hat euer Vater dies Macht' and was wrong. The solution given was 'Hat euer Vater dies getan'. I have never encountered 'getan' yet in Duolingo or in German conversations. Why is my answer incorrect?


It must be gemacht, not macht. Getan sounds a bit more refined, it's basically like

  • do=tun (pp.: getan) and
  • make = machen (pp.: gemacht),

but imho it doesn't fit here, because the sentence says explicitely "make", not "do" (c.f. "Hat dein Vater dieses Spielzeug gemacht?" ->did he make this toy, impossible to use tun/getan here vs. "Du hast blaue Flecken (bruises)! Hat dein Vater das getan/gemacht?", where gemacht sounds a bit childish, but is valid).


getan = past participle of tun / tuen (to do)

gemacht = past participle of machen (to make / to do)

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