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"Váš dopis jsem dostal před dvěma týdny."

Translation:I got your letter two weeks ago.

March 24, 2018



What is Duolingo Czech's obsession with letters all about? We get so many sentences about letters and never one about emails or texts!


Well, e-mail is written the same in Czech, you don't have to learn it. We also say just mail/mejl, but that is colloquial. Text messages are called zprávy SMS, colloquially esemesky. It is a bit tricky question, whether to include the colloquial name.

It might be a good idea for tree 2.0 in the future to include these words.


I live in the Czech Republic so I do know these words. I think it would be more useful to learners of Czech in the 21st century to know mejl and esemeska, and that colloquial Czech should be included. Just my opinion.

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