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Hiragana Writing Practice Sheets + Japanese Learning Blog

Recently, I had come across an amazing website called: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/

It’s basically a blog site created by Tae Kim who teaches Japanese. I use this site as a supplement for my learning on Duolingo, so whenever I am facing some confusion on this site, I go to Kim’s site to help me understand what I’m learning. Now, it’s sort of my main place for learning Japanese and I recommend it to any beginners in the Japanese language.

Also, he provides a site where you can print out Hiragana writing practice sheets. Learning the stroke orders of Hiragana is very, very important, as I have come to learn. While using Duolingo, I wondered if how I was writing Hiragana (and Katakana) was actually correct and since the Japanese course here never mentions anything about stroke order, I assumed it wasn’t that important. Now that I realize the significance of it, I recommend Japanese learners print out the sheets here so that you can have muscle memory for how these letters are written: http://japanese-lesson.com/characters/hiragana/hiragana_writing.html

So, here are two tools that you can use as you progress through your Japanese journey. I hope you have found these useful! Happy learning!

March 24, 2018



There's a good reason why Tae Kim is kinda famous in Learning Japanese internet communities: His guide is: a) good, and; b) free. I haven't used it so much since I mostly use the Genki textbook series, but if I ever need to clarify something, Tae Kim's guide is a great resource.


I just started learning Japanese with Duolingo, so this is very helpful! Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks so much! I can remember them better now :D


that is cool I like it. :)


great, thanks!


thank you! I'll be using this now :)


Well, I'm japanese!




Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much for sharing this! I was just wondering where to get help with writing and I saw your post.

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