parler : to speak - present tense ~er

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<h1>parler : to speak</h1>

je parle : I speak.

tu parles (note the final "s" is silent) : You (singular) speak.

il parle : He speaks.

elle parle : She speaks.

nous parlons (again the final 's' is silent) : We speak.

vous parlez : You speak.

  • (take note of the sound the "ez" makes. As Perce_Neige points out: "ez" for "vous" = pronounced ..é.. This is similar to the vowel sound in English word "hay". It is well worth taking note the sound that ..é.. makes in french! )

ils parlent (note "ent" is silent) : They (male) speak.

elles parlent (note "ent" is silent). : They (female) speak.

  • NOTE: this is a regular ~er verb
April 19, 2014


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