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Suggestion: Hacer - Further conjugation practice?

I find that hacer can be a bit of a tricky verb to remember the conjugations for, due to the sheer amount of different ways it is used.

I have used google but am currently struggling to find a good practice lesson (written, or a quiz, or flashcards, or anything) that will let me practice this separately. I know that hacer is addressed in other verb lessons on duolingo, but think that it might be one of the irregular verbs that could benefit from an additional lesson in the future (e.g. similar to haber).

I was also wondering if someone could recommend anything elsewhere on the internet which might help, beyond conjugation tables, or any memorisation tricks! I do tend to recognise the meaning of the words (I have finished my tree, read books regularly in Spanish, have conversations in it most days and use the Spanish grammar practice makes perfect book and the spanish dictionary online and quizlet) but struggle to form them myself and so would like to find something else to help me remember this irregular verb!)

Thank you!

4 years ago


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You already mentioned quizlet, but here's a pretty good quizlet for hacer. http://quizlet.com/1030494/hacer-conjugations-flash-cards/

This one is only really useful in the Flashcard or Learn mode, since the English part is too hard to get exactly right. But still useful.

(Yikes, I need more practice with hacer too. I got 16/38 in Learn mode in the first round.)

4 years ago